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Media Coverage

︎︎︎ MIT Art Culture Technology - 06.15.2023 - “Living Heritage Atlas Beirut at 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale”

︎︎︎ An Nahr [AR] - 05.15.2023 - “Beirut, Living Heritage Atlas”

︎︎︎ Lebanontab [AR] - 05.15.2023 - “Beirut in Venice to keep the heritage alive”

︎︎︎ National News Agency Lebanon [AR] - 05.15.2023 - “Beirut, Living Heritage Atlas”

︎︎︎ Asswak-Alarab [AR] - 05.15.2023 - “Beirut: Atlas of Living Heritage”


︎︎︎ Civic Data Design Lab & Future Heritage Lab (2023). “Living Heritage Atlas | Beirut” (pp. 398-401). European Cultural Centre (Ed.) Time Space Existence. ECC, Venice (ITA) - ISBN 9789082943474

︎︎︎ Ignaccolo C., Maamari D., Louie A., Aksamija A., Williams S. (2023) “Exclusionary tales on Beirut’s spaces of craftsmanship: tracing forms of enduring inequities through historical cartography and geolocated archival images.” In International Cartographic Conference (ICC). Proceedings, Cape Town (South Africa)

Living Heritage Atlas | Beirut

The Living Heritage Atlas | Beirut sheds light on the often unrecognized living heritage of craftsmanship through an open-source database of Beirut’s craftspeople and their local knowledge.

The Living Heritage Atlas | Beirut exhibition builds on the research project led by the Civic Data Design Lab (Carmelo Ignaccolo) and the Future Heritage Lab (Daniella Maamari). The show is part of the “Rebuilding Beirut” section of the “Time Space Existence” exhibition at the European Cultural Centre (Palazzo Bembo) in Venice during the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale. The MIT Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism is the curator of the “Rebuilding Beirut:” show (sponsored by the DAR Group). The exhibition was opened by MIT Architecture Dean and 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale Curator Prof. Hashim Sarkis.

The exhibition displays historic photographs and contemporary portrait photos of craftspeople in Beirut. It brings the city’s past together with its current challenges by narrating urban change through the physical alteration of the city and its socio-economic implications. The arrangement of images resembles the geography of Beirut, and it aims to convey the diversity and abundance of archival documents collected by the Living Heritage Atlas team in Beirut. Moreover, visitors can explore the visual material through a digital kiosk containing a touch-screen monitor with the LHA website and a video highlighting the participatory mapping nature of the project.

Exhibition Team

Civic Data Design Lab Team
Sarah Williams (Director), Carmelo Ignaccolo (Lead Researcher & Project Manager), Ashley Louie (Exhibition Lead & Project Manager), Niko McGlashan, Kelly Fang.

Future Heritage Lab
Azra Aksamija (Director), Daniella Maamari (Lead Researcher & Project Manager), Moussa Shabandar (photographer)