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Moving In Nairobi

Three and a half million people move through this East African capital every day, and the lack of coordinated transportation planning often causes the city to grind to a halt.

"Moving in Nairobi: Stories of Urban Mobility" is a design exhibition on the spatial experience of traffic congestion and commuting in the city of Nairobi (Kenya). The show was first exhibited in Korea during the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, planned under the theme of 'Collective City,' co-directed by Jaeyong Lim (CEO of OCA Architects) and Francisco Sanin (Professor at Syracuse University). The exhibition was set up at the Donuimun Museum Village, where architects Dongwoo Yim and Rafael Luna curated “The City Exhibition.” Different iterations of the exhibit were showcased in 2020 at the Seoul City Hall and at the Alliance Française of Nairobi. 

The exhibition constructs a multiscalar cinematic narrative of the city of Nairobi through the eyes of four commuters–traveling by foot, car, motorcycle (boda-boda), and bus (matatus). Moreover, it employs GoPro videos and GPS traces collected on-site to present people-focused commuting experiences together with city-wide data on traffic. "Moving in Nairobi" also presents an in-depth analysis of the city’s urban traffic issue through a series of comparative infographics and an exhibition pamphlet, printed and stacked in piles to remind of a local newspaper.

Exhibition Team

Prof. Sarah Williams
Carmelo Ignaccolo
Dylan Halpern

Exhibition Design
Data Collection in Nairobi Project Management Infographics
Data Visualization
Installation Supervision on site